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Brick & Mortar stores w/E-Commerce – 6/16

JCPenney offers a great variety of services via its website.  With a click of the mouse, you are instantly transported into the virtual store for a quiet, uncrowded, unrushed shopping experience!  What a wonderful way to shop, especially during the holiday season, free of crowds pushing, long lines at checkouts, and overcrowded parking lots.  Every department is right at your fingertips, with a shopping cart that eagerly waits to collect the perfect choices you have made, and deliver them right to your door.  Not only does this site provide limitless browsing and shopping, it also allows you to manage your credit card account.  Statements are available electronically, bills can be paid directly on-line, as well as a customer service issues that can be addressed thru the 24/7 customer service access.  Other services that are at your fingertips are:  order tracking, locating a store near you, information about product warranties or recalls, weekly sale advertisements and many more features.  The only difference encountered on-line vs. in person shopping, is physically touching and trying on the products.  Knowing your size sometimes is of no help when buying clothes or shoes, because the variations in the way an article of clothing is ‘cut’ or ‘fitted’ may mean going up or down a size.  Even though this may be a drawback of ‘virtual shopping’, you may return or exchange your product on-line or by taking it down to the store in person; your satisfaction is guaranteed.  On-line shopping offers the same services rendered in person, but with a faster, often more pleasant atmosphere.  With gas prices at record levels, it is cheaper to shop on-line vs. driving many miles to accomplish the same task.  Not to mention the hassle of dealing with other drivers, parking issues, and time wasted spent on the road or in long checkout lines.


As with most product purchase decisions, researching your options is always the best policy.  There are many factors to investigate when choosing which type of internet access, and which company you will choose as your service provider. Affordability is always a top priority, if unable to pay for the service, it makes no difference which bells and whistles are offered by the provider.  Two internet access choices are DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or Cable.  Both provide adequate functionality for the average household internet user.  DSL service is provided through your telephone line, and cable service is provided through a cable, just like the one your television is hooked to receive cable broadcasting services.  Many people are choosing to use cell phones exclusively, and are discontinuing their land line service.  In order to obtain DSL service, you must have an active telephone land line, which some people have no need for.  Pricing for both DSL and Cable connections are roughly in the same ballpark, with Verizon DSL introductory rates at $14.99/mo. and Comcast Cable connection at $19.99/mo.  These services still maintain a price difference of only a few dollars when the normal pricing of $48 – DSL, and $45 Cable kicks in.   The major difference comes into play when you look at internet speed.  Cable provides faster service than its competitor, DSL.  Cable service has a speed of 30 Mbps vs. DSL speed of 10 Mbps.  Service is much faster, and well worth the extra few bucks a month!  Reliability is the next factor in your search for the best services.  Cable has better service access than DSL.  Cable connections are not affected by adverse weather, distance from the telephone company, or area availability issues.  Installation is also much more simple for Cable than it is for DSL equipment.  DSL connections involve a more extensive set-up than Cable requires.  The online set-up for DSL is lenghthy and often requires filters for all of your phone jacks in the house.  Cable seems to come out as the front-runner in the comparison between DSL vs. CABLE.  Although affordability is on the same level for both products, speed, reliability, and ease of installation, by far, show Cable as the winner of this comparison.

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Serenity comes in various forms for different people!  For me, two words describe total peace………THE BEACH!  It’s more than just a place to visit for the day – it’s a treasured lifestyle.  Where life is casual, laid back, and unplugged.  While some enjoy the hustle and bustle of busy schedules and urban life, I enjoy melting into a chair, with the sand between my toes and a cool drink in my hand – absorbing absolute total tranquility!  Close your eyes …… smell the salt air, feel the warmth of the sun while a cool breeze brushes your skin, hear the waves crashing on the sand, and the seagulls calling out as they float along the coast………this is my paradise!

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